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Alternatives to Rewards and Punishments
The usual approach to discipline—especially school and classroom discipline—is to teach toward obedience using rewards, punishments, and telling young people what to do. Read on to learn about alternatives to rewards and punishments.
Respect - Fundamentals of Disciplining
Do you expect your children to respect you? Do you expect your children to respect others? Do YOU respect your children? There is an old saying which goes- 'You need to give respect to get respect'. Read on to learn how respect is one of the fundamentals of discipline.
A Parenting Reflection
Parenting is not about controlling our children through consequences and directives. Parenting is about influencing our children through love and understanding.
Setting The Stage For Your Child's Imagination
The idea of trying to get a room full of two-year-olds to sit still for an hour would strike most parents as impossible. Learn why theatre plays an important part of your child's development.
Parenting Is Difficult
Five points that will allow you to derive some insight into your child's behavior and possibly permit you to reap greater enjoyment from your relationship with your child. Parenting is difficult but keeping those five points in mind will help now, and in the future.
Discipline Means to Teach
Only when the brain is fully regulated and when the child is calm and his cognitive thinking is intact is it time to present alternatives to kicking and screaming. This is a way of teaching our children instead of punishing them.
Is Time-Out Really Any Different Than The Dunce Chair?
Further thoughts on why time-out is not a good idea for use with children and how a better alternative, time-in is more effective and ultimately more positive in helping kids build self-esteem.
Can These Five Parenting Tools Make a Difference for Your Child?
There are five components of the parent-child relationship that are absolutely necessary to raising healthy children: acceptance, understanding, empathy, patience and love.
Is Stress Overwhelming Our Children?
Children typically respond to stress and fear by becoming angry, defiant, or by "acting out." Parents can help reduce their child's fear which will ultimately make a difference in their behavior.
New Approach to Parental Control Improves Child Behavior
Understanding our own parental fears allows us to express our love for our children in a way that is not threatening to them and that helps them to de-escalate their anger, fear, and stress.
Can You Choose Your Baby's Sex?
For thousands of years, man has searched for ways of choosing the sex of a future child. Now, new research shows that strong women are more likely to give birth to boys.
Which is Best for Your Child: Daycare or Preschool?
The program your child attends will influence his overall behavior, development, and attitude. So which is better, daycare or preschool?

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