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Free Baby Photo Contest Rules
Runs Feb 1st - 28th

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How to Enter and Win

  • The top 3 winning photos selected by popular vote in each voting category are eligible for magazine exposure!

  • In addition, Judges review ALL photos submitted that contest month and select as winners an additional 2% of the best photos!

  • If you don't win the popular vote or don't wish to participate in the popular vote, you can still win as the Judges review every photo.

To vote, start at top navigation bar --> Browse & Vote. Find two ways to vote.

  • Select Vote by Category and you will see a list of categories. Click on a category and it takes you to a page with 18 photos that make voting fast and easy.

  • Select Vote by Profile and again you will see a list of categories. Click on a category but this time you will be taken to a random user profile where you can browse and vote member profile pictures.

To Enter the Contest

  • Start by registering first. Once registered,

  • Log in with your new user name.

  • Upload photos in your Member Admin panel after you log in.

  • No limits to the number of photos you enter.

  • No limits to the number of categories you enter.

  • Start browsing. Start voting.

  • Introduce yourself in the New Member forums for greater visibility

  • Important Reminders

    • Do not delete Judges Picks until AFTER they have been announced.

    • Your photos are only viewed by Judges in the month submitted. If you wish for the photo to be judged again it must be resubmitted.

    • Category photos DO NOT need to be resubmitted. They are good for 90 days.

    Click to See the 25 most popular category pictures as selected by users.

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