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Registered On:Fri Sep 5th, 2008   
My Age:10 years 4 months
Date of Birth:Sat Nov 1st, 2003
Location: India, Outside US, chennai

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i was born in november 2003.. i'm the only kid for my parents.. my grandma and aunty (my mom's younger sister) loves me so much that my aunty has to now show me off too.. i love to learn new things and i'm very intelligent and smart for my age.. i'm very bubbly and cute that every1 (my family & others) loves to kiss me and pinch my cheeks.. in my family i'm the very first grand daughter so everybody loves me and adores me.. according to them i'm their world.. i'm 4 years and 10 months old now.. started going to school and have lots and lots of friends in my school.. all my teachers loves me.. i just love drawing, painting, singing, dancing, crafts, watching my favourite cartoons on tv and going out with my grandma and love playing with my pet tweety.. i have won many medals for singing and many prizes for drawing, painting, etc.. i also love taking photos in my dad's digital camera.. i love my family and i'm so glad to have born in this family who always makes me feel special.. i'm the most luckiest and cutest and sweetest kid in the world.

Thank you everybody for voting my pics and also sending in your sweet messages.. thank you soooo much.. pls do keep on voting for me.. love you all.. hugs & kisses

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