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Who Wants to be a Star

by Shauna Smith Duty


“I’ve asked some parents why they think their kid should be in showbiz, and I often hear answers like ‘people say my child looks like the Gerber baby’ or that their child is outgoing, cute, has a great personality, or they need to save for college. The job should be fun.”
--JJ Minnick of Go Talent in Los Angeles, CA

Why do you think your child should be in showbiz? Consider whether it’s your dreams or hers you want to fulfill. Talk with your child about the expectations, requirements, and hard work involved in having a job, even if it’s part time.

Children who make good actors and models generally are not shy, smile all of the time, are outgoing and easygoing (meaning that they have an even temperament), and can stay happy while waiting for undetermined hours with little to do. The parents’ attitude, availability, and disposition are important, too. A good child actor’s parent can rearrange his schedule on a whim, is punctual and organized, and has reliable transportation to get to auditions, even if they’re hours away.

According to JJ, keys that kids need to “take a break” may begin arguing, rebelling against going to auditions, and acting out of character. “If a kid doesn’t want to be there,” JJ says, “no one wants them there.” If a parent has to pressure her child to go to auditions, the child may be tired of acting, or maybe he just needs a temporary vacation from work.

Some parents want kids to work to earn money for college, and if the child enjoys acting and modeling, this is a noble goal. Other parents hope their children will enjoy the dream of Hollywood stardom (even if it isn’t all it’s cut out to be). The most important thing for a child, though, is growing up. So, if they find no fun in showbiz, it’s time to stop.

A Bad Day
“Make sure your motives are right, and don’t push it,” is JJ’s advice. “While everyone has a bad day, if the child is not interested, you need to back off.” In other words, don’t jump ship at the first sign of a storm. If you attend a number of auditions and you’re starting to see that your child is not happy, it may be time to slow down or even pull out of showbiz completely.

It’s Not About Looks
Children should not become discouraged because of their physical appearance. Traditional American beauty isn’t necessary to be a success. JJ says of her management agency, Go Talent in LA, “We’re looking for twins, triplets, kids from diverse ethnic backgrounds, thin, fat, short, tall – unique.”

If your child gets discouraged because she has red hair and the blondes have won a few gigs she tried out for, or if your son thinks his less-than-athletic physique is a problem, sit down and watch the Disney Channel with them for an hour. Point out all the diversity of the child actors who are working right now, and explain that uniqueness is important. Their next audition may be their big break.

No Pass, No Play
School grades should be kept up. JJ recommends sticking to the no pass, no play rule as incentive, but the catch is that you’ll have to follow through. If you notice your child’s grades plummet after he starts auditions and acting classes, keep in mind that a solid education lasts a lifetime, and child acting can be here today, gone tomorrow. Be firm in your resolve to secure a good education for your child.

Exploring What’s Best
Acting and modeling as a child takes maturity and confidence. Your most important role is as parent, not manager, to your child. If you recognize that it’s time to take a break, don’t allow yourself to be disheartened, and support your child so that she doesn’t feel as if she let you down. Spend some quality time with your child doing things totally unrelated to work. Play with your child! Encourage her to pursue other interests, organized sports, or new hobbies.

You may find that a hiatus from work is all that’s needed to renew his passion for showbiz. Then again, you may find that your child, whom you pegged as Miss America 1012 is actually better suited to be a Supreme Court Justice.


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Fri, Aug 12, 2011 12:45am

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Wed, Mar 09, 2011 10:58am

My beautiful daughter was born to be in the spotlight. She loves taking pictures && looking at herself in the mirror. We are continuously told how precious she is. Nevaeh is the it. :)

Tue, Dec 14, 2010 9:23pm

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Tue, Dec 14, 2010 9:22pm

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Tue, Dec 07, 2010 12:16pm

Amira loves taking pictures... she can be a great model

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