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Baby Modeling & Pageant Information

If you're interested in getting your baby or child into modeling or pageantry, these are must read articles. Find out from those running legitimate baby modeling agencies what you need to do to get discovered and what baby modeling scams to be aware of. Learn how other parents got their baby's into print and television advertisements. Most of all, use the information so that you do not get scammed!

Top Stories
Who Wants to be a Star
Children should not become discouraged because of their physical appearance. Traditional American beauty isn’t necessary to be a success. JJ says of her management agency, Go Talent in LA, “We’re looking for twins, triplets, kids from diverse ethnic backgrounds, thin, fat, short, tall – unique.” Learn from JJ Minnick of Go Talent what it takes to make it in the "biz".
Tools of the Trade
So, do you need an agent? Most likely. Do you need a manager? That’s one you’ll have to think about. Knowing what these professionals offer, and understanding your options, are steps toward success. Learn what these two professionals do, how much their services cost, and how they could help you and your child.
Parent Resources for Showbiz Kids
Whether you know nothing or think you know it all, take a moment to look at the legal and financial side of the entertainment business for your child's career. As parent and trustee for your child, it’s your responsibility to know the ropes.
Sacrificing for Your Star
Do you as a parent fully understand the supporting role they you must play in your child’s career? Before gorging yourself on success, though, seriously consider this: Are you ready to be the parent of a child star?
Pageant Basics: What Pageant Judges Look For
The pageant judge holds your golden ticket. If your child can impress the judges, he or she is a shoe in to win! Problem is, how are you supposed to know what the judges are looking for? Click to find out.
Baby Pageant Basics: Who’s Essential
Pageantry can be as big or small as you make it. If you want home-spun fun, a small, local pageant is a good choice. The bigger the pageant, the more it will cost, and the more time will have to be devoted to practice and preparation. So, if you’re thinking about stepping up a level, what should you expect?
Pageantry Then and Now
Pageantry is not what the media wants the public to believe. According to a pageant insider for more than 30 years, pageants are turning a focus to the natural child, and looking to personality even more than beauty.
Modeling Schools
The two big, national modeling schools in the US are Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers and John Robert Powers School System. Graduates of these schools have mixed feelings about their modeling alma maters. Find out more about these type of modeling schools...
The Basics: What Parents Should Know About Baby Pageantry
The glory, the fame, the fun! Now that you are the proud parent of the most beautiful and outgoing child on the planet, if not the universe, and you’re thinking, “Hey, my kid could win a pageant!”, the question is, where to start?
The Basics: How to Find Great Pageants
With you’re child’s tiny hand in yours, you’re ready to take the leap into pageantry. However, you want the experience to be positive, so finding the right pageants is an essential first step. Find out how to make sure the contests you choose are right for you and your child.
The Law Regarding Upfront Fees and Modeling Agencies
Don’t fall prey to the promises of stardom for your baby. Despite the fact that upfront fees are illegal, every major and legitimate modeling agency will tell you to run the other way when advance fees are mentioned. This includes fees for screen tests, photographs, acting, modeling lessons or other services.
Expert Advice for Parents of Baby and Child Models
Marla Dell has worked in the modeling industry since the 1960’s. Her agency currently represents adults, real families, and 350 children and babies. Dell’s child talent has worked for Old Navy, Gymboree, The Pottery Barn, Mervyn’s, Eddie Bower, and many other well known companies. Read Dell's tips and advice for Our Cute Babies members interested in getting your baby into a modeling career

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